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Forest Park of Culture and Recreation “Myślęcinek”


It is the largest among the green tourist attractions of Bydgoszcz – an area with special natural, recreational and sports, as well as didactic values. Close to the center of Bydgoszcz Its attraction is due to not only natural conditions, but also excellent communication with the center of Bydgoszcz.

The park is easily accessible by public transport or by car over the viaduct, passing the stadium at the end of Gdańska Street.

Depending on the stopping place of the car or the choice of stop from which we get off we can choose different paths of our walk. At the very beginning of Myślcinka, from the intersection of Rekreacyjna and Gdańska Streets, there is an amusement park waiting for the youngest with carousels, slides, cabinets of mirrors, an inflatable palace, an autodrome, a roller coaster and a Chinese pool filled with plastic balls, the Lost World, which has more than 40 dinosaurs, but this not only. At the Paleontological Museum, we admire unusual specimens of stones, minerals and fossils. You can become an amber hunter in the Amber Labyrinth, and Macrosworld take a close look at arthropods.

ZOO Bydgoszcz

Whereas animals, especially Polish ones, will be seen in the Bydgoszcz ZOO. The Garden of Polish Fauna, founded in 1978, is the only garden in Poland and the few in Europe with the status of a specialist garden. On 600 ha, over 600 specimens representing 122 species of Polish vertebrates were collected, of which 62 are under complete protection. You can see bison, elks, brown bears, wolves, lynxes, wildcats, raccoon dogs, martens, badgers and many species of native birds, as well as such exotic animals as lemur, tiger or crocodile. Recently, Aquarium and Terrarium have also been operating here. Of course, a walk around Myślcinku allows you to admire the beautiful views. Numerous water reservoirs in the Struga Myślędzińska valley also encourage fishing lovers to relax. We pass by the Horse Recreation Center with stables with boxes for 50 horses, a coach house and covered riding schools. The hippodrome enables the organization of numerous competitions in sled driving and jumping. Horse riding shows, horse rallies, as well as the St. Hunting Race have become a tradition. Hubert – pursuit of the fox combined with a riding feast by the fire. The resort also organizes carriage rides, as well as sleigh rides in the winter. Hippotherapy classes for people with disabilities are extremely valuable. Children and young people are eager to use the wide range of half-camps connected with horse riding lessons. Accommodation and catering facilities are provided by the nearby “Palace” hotel.

Also for lovers of active recreation

During the further walk along the former narrow-gauge railway route, we pass the Myślcinski hills. The beauty of the surrounding landscape encourages young artists to work outdoors. Their sculptures can be admired throughout the park. At the same time, the diverse terrain, rich in numerous hills with a perfect slope and a specially prepared route, are conducive to winter sports. Illuminated, artificially snowed slope with a downhill run of 170 m is very popular. In winter there is a ski lift and sports equipment rental. Ski lessons are provided by licensed ski instructors as well as snowboarders. Snowtubing is also becoming more and more popular – descending from above on special pontoons reminiscent of large car tires and snow painting – painting with paints on snow. Sports and recreation areas also include, open in winter, an ice rink with skate rental.

In the area of ​​the year-round Sports and Recreation Center, there is a climbing wall, bicycle, skate and skate rental. There are also football, volleyball and basketball fields, as well as tennis courts. In addition, Myślcinek has one of the best tracks for extreme cycling in Poland, as well as a golf course hailed as the most beautifully situated golf course in Poland!

Above all, diverse nature

In the further part of Myślcinka we will find one of the favorite places for walks in Bydgoszcz. The Botanical Garden, apart from the obvious recreational function, mainly has a didactic role. It popularizes, spread over 60 ha, various species of trees, shrubs, flowers – currently 820, including 460 occurring in the natural environment. An extremely spectacular place of the garden, with a mountain stream, waterfall and small lake perfectly integrated into the relief of the area, is an alpine garden presenting the typical flora of mountainous regions not only of Poland, but also of all Europe, North America and Asia. Generic clusters of plants are also created, e.g. the nooks of cherry blossoms, apple trees and magnolias, as well as thematically related compositions, among others Bible plants and a butterfly garden with plants luring these insects. The botanical path for blind and visually impaired people is recognized. It allows learning and recognition by direct touch of individual specimens, which are additionally labeled in Braille.

In Myślcinek we will also find the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Center for Environmental Education – right next to the so-called RETREAT. By creating educational paths, numerous workshops, scientific symposia as well as projections of Center films, it plays a significant role in shaping pro-ecological attitudes among the inhabitants of Bydgoszcz.

Myślcinek is not only the “green lungs” of Bydgoszcz, but also a place for numerous festivals, concerts and competitions, among others annual May picnics, Welcoming and Farewell to Summer with performances of famous stars, competitions for the Cup of the Polish Sled Dogs Association, Polish Championships … and even the World Championships in Cross Country.

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Access by own transport or trams (from us you should take tram No. 6 and then change to tram No. 1 or 2 anywhere in the connecting lines)



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