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JuraPark – Solec Kujawski


Dive into the lost world of dinosaurs in JuraPark in Solec Kujawski! There are so many attractions on an area of ​​over 12 hectares. The incredible decoration of JuraPark is the Museum of the Earth Karol Sabath with an impressive collection of fossils, as well as about 150 models of prehistoric animals (mainly dinosaurs) positioned along the educational path located in the beautiful forest scenery, at the end of which there are reconstructions of prehistoric settlements that are part of the Mini Archaeological Park. Rare old pine trees have become the base for the Jurassic Botanical Garden, which also includes the Winter Garden located in the Museum, in which live plant fossils lead. Models that can be admired in JuraPark are made by paleo-sculptors cooperating with us with great attention to detail and in accordance with the latest discoveries and standards in paleontology. Our consultants include world-renowned dinosaur experts and explorers of their tracks, as well as scientists who are involved in the reconstruction of the prehistoric world. The didactic part is supervised by people with appropriate substantive and didactic preparation. JuraPark is not only an object of educational value, but also a place of entertainment and fun for everyone – Cinema 5D Emotions, Playground, Amusement Park (which has also become a home for the reconstruction of giant insects).


The best means of transport is a car, but it is possible to reach Solec Kujawski by bus, whose nearest stop is at Toruńska street about 300 meters from our center (on the left side heading from the exit from the camping field), the cost of such a connection is about PLN 4


Toruńska 155
85-880 Bydgoszcz
+48 724-343-429